A downloadable game for Windows

I was not able to upload it in the normal way as i forgot to zip the project and I had to figure out how Itch.io upload works. So I thought uploading it to Google Drive was the last solution. Anyway the Download button is not really working.
But here it is if there is a problem: 

The project is a submission to the Unreal Engine Megajam 2018. The topic was "Reality is often inaccurate". The game is a basic endless runner, but with the drawback of a little man inside the runners brain, which has to control the runner. The project is mainly designed to be played as a 2 player game, but it is also possible to play alone.

Controls: Keyboard
Headman: WASD: Movement
Left Ctrl: Grab lever
Spacebar: Jump

Runner: Gamepad(Xbox)
Left Stick: Movement
A/FaceDownButton: Jump




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Super fun idea, but it is super difficult to play.


yeah... my original idea was to get complete physical movement and interaction of the character in the head... So I thought about something like Little Big Planet or Gang Beasts. So for example that when you grab the lever you are physically grabbing onto it. Due to the deadline of the gamejam and some missing knowledge of mine i had to keep the system simple... So it is more difficult to play ( which could support the gamejams theme if one thinks about it :D)

Nice game idea and beautifully executed!!!! cheers :)

thank you :)